Small Groups

Life in Christ cannot be experienced fully apart from life in Biblical Community.  It is only as we regularly engage with others who are being shaped by God’s Word, guided by God’s Spirit, and living out God’s mission, that we grow to become all that God has created us to be.  Through Small Groups, the Melonie Park church family is shepherded and cared for by faithful leaders, equipped for life and ministry, and encouraged toward maturity in Christ. 

Small Groups meet in various locations at various times throughout the week to open up the Bible, open up their lives, and grow as disciples who go and make disciples.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining a group, please fill out this form or contact


We encourage all our Small Groups to work through this curriculum together.  Like living in a house, most of the time we’re just in it but every so often we must work on it.  The same is true for Small Groups:  To keep living as biblical community, there are seasons to work on the group so we can remain healthy in the group.  The curriculum helps us do just that.

 Prior to group discussion,

  1. Ensure everyone has the Discussion Guide at least a week before
  2. Encourage everyone to read the week's content and answer the Personal Reflection questions ahead of time
  3. Watch the corresponding video below

When you meet to discuss,

  1. Share answers to the Personal Reflection questions
  2. Talk through the Group Discussion questions
  3. Apply at least one of the Ideas For Living Out The Core Value

 If you have any questions or need help along the way, please reach out to your Pastoral Coach.

#1 Devote Daily

#2 Pursue Relationally

#3 Counsel Biblically

#4 Live Authentically

#5 Admonish Faithfully

#6 Engage Missionally