Prayer - Prayer is the most fundamental demonstration of our worship and dependence on the Lord. Therefore, the ministries and activities of our church will be characterized by prayer in their conception, planning, and execution.

Leadership - The biblical mandate for leadership is a plurality of shepherd elders who oversee, lead, and care for the local church. Therefore, our elders strive to shepherd this local body of believers, and to intentionally identify and develop the gifted leaders God has entrusted to their care.

Worship - Our worship service is to be God centered. Therefore, our goal is to create a worshipful experience that is rooted in and centers around the witness of Scripture concerning Jesus Christ. We seek to combine the best of traditional and contemporary styles to appeal to all generations.

Biblical Preaching - We believe that the most effective way to carry out the training ministry of the church is by preaching and teaching God's Word. Therefore, we are committed to preaching that is true to the Biblical text with a view towards the needs of our day.

Community – The royal commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Therefore, we are committed to developing caring relationships, devotion to one another, sharing needs, accountability among peers, and extending mercy to the hurting. We believe that the small group ministry is the most effective means of building relationships, stimulating spiritual growth, and developing leaders.

Evangelism and Missions – Jesus came to seek and save the lost, and we are His followers. Therefore, we are a community on mission and encourage our members to be involved in relational, lifestyle evangelism. Further, we have a deep commitment to missions, giving approximately 15% of our annual budget to support our missionary families.

Children's and Youth Ministries - We believe that the future of the church rests in the hands of our children. Therefore, we see the building of a strong children's and youth ministry as a means of assisting parents in the raising of young people who walk faithfully with Jesus, and make an impact for Him in their generation.

All Believers Ministers - We believe that the primary responsibility of the elders and teachers in the local church is to prepare God's people for the work of ministry. Therefore, we seek to encourage congregant initiation, leadership, and responsibility in the various ministries of the church.

Grace - God's unmerited grace and love alone – apart from effort or accomplishment - is responsible for producing eternal life, freedom from sin's control, and lasting change in an individual's character. We are committed to focusing on that grace, and fostering an environment that reflects it in our lives and relationships.

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