Parent's Day Out

Melonie Park Church has a traditional PDO for children 6 weeks - 5 years old that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45am—2:45p.m., where parents are free to enroll their children for one or both days.

Goals for our Parent's Day Out program are as follows:
• Provide a safe, fun and nurturing environment
• Facilitate friendships and positive social interaction for kids
• Opportunities for participation in fun and creative learning activities
• Teach children about the love of God and the story of Christ
• Muscular development through a variety of physical activities
• Learning goals such as shape, color, letter & number recognition and language development
• Training children to follow schedules, instruction and to learn self-control

Melonie Park PDO has a 25+ year tradition of ministering to children and their families. We hope you will consider joining our PDO family.

Tuesday Homeschool Program

We also have Tuesday School for home schooled children who are entering Kindergarten through 6th grade. Tuesday school is from 8:45a.m. to 2:45p.m. The students are divided by appropriate age groups into classes. During their time at Tuesday School, they will participate in classes such as music, art, science, Spanish, book cooks (a literature based cooking class), PE, and history. These classes will vary each year based on teacher strengths and qualifications. We have an Open House at the end of the spring semester, parties, field trips and guest speakers. Melonie Park's Tuesday School program is of the highest quality and has a wonderful reputation with parents.

Our program for home school students has several goals:
• Give children hands-on learning experiences
• Opportunities for group learning in a fun and loving environment
• Provide for positive social contact with home school peers
• Encourage accountability and relationship between students and other adults
• Provide Home School parents a small break from the daily ins and outs of teaching

Director Leah Gary

Contact information:

Office--806-797-2401    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell Number--806-773-0147  


Classes begin at 8:45 and children must be picked up by 2:45 at the latest.  PDO children maybe attend Tuesday, Thursday, or both days

Our summer program meets on Tuesdays, June 7th--July 26th.

We have classes for children from 6 weeks to those who have finished 6th grade.




August 23--PDO and TS Open House

August 25—First Day for PDO

August 30 - First Day for TS

September 27—Milk & Cookies with  Grandparents

October 4—Picture Day (TS)

October 11—Picture Day (PDO)

October 25—Fall Parties for PDO and TS

November 15—Thanksgiving Feasts for PDO and TS

November 23 & 24—No Classes due to Thanksgiving Break

December 9—Last Day for Fall TS; Parties for PDO & TS

December 13—Last Day for Fall PDO & TS

January 5--First Day of Spring Semester for PDO

January 10 - First Day of Spring Semester for TS

January 31—Dad’s and Donuts

February 14—Valentine’s Day Parties for PDO & TS

March 7—Registration Begins for Families Currently Enrolled

March 13-17—No PDO or TS due to Spring Break

March 21—Registration Open to Public

April 4—Mom’s and Muffins

May 9—Last Day of TS & End of Year Party for TS

May 16—Last Day of PDO

Program Fees

Summer 2016

Registration/Activity Fees:

School Kids (children enter 1st grade -those entering 7th grade) $50

Nursery thru 5 year olds  $30

Monthly Fees:

School Age Children   $75

Pre-school Children     $65

*Summer Program will meet Tuesdays only in June & July for a total of 8 Tuesdays.  Summer program begins on the first Tuesday, June 7th and ends on July 26th.  The monthly fee is for each month of the 2-month session. 

Fall/Spring 2016-2017

PDO(babies thru 5yr olds)

Registration Fee    $70 before August 1, $75 after

Monthly Fee for 1 day Children   $70

Monthly Fee for 2 day Children  $130

*Gymnastics fee $15/monthly (Thursday only 3’s-4/5’s classes)


Tuesday School (Home School K-7th grade)  Meets only on Tuesdays.

Registration Fee    $80, Before August 1st, $85 after

Monthly Fee          $80


*If registering more than one child for the Tuesday School program, monthly tuition for the additional children is $75.

*The monthly fee includes September 2016 through May 2017 (9 months).

*Registration and Activity Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

            *Fees ARE charged on days when your child is absent.

            *Cancellations: Monthly fees are charged through the month when your child/children last attended.  Please communicate

             cancellations two weeks prior to your last day.  

Phone: (806) 797-4136
6602 Indiana Avenue
Lubbock, Texas 79413