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What to Expect as a Guest

We are a multi-generational church with a very balanced representation of ages and life stages. The way people dress is reflective of this generational spectrum, ranging from suits and dresses to shorts and t-shirts. The worship music is a mix of contemporary and traditional songs, also in keeping with the diversity of our body. We believe that unity and diversity is reflective of the nature of God and of His church, therefore we seek to hold fast to that unity over and above personal preference. However, because that unity is not to be reduced to uniformity, we seek also to have the diversity of our congregation represented in our worship styles as well.

We have a single worship service that begins at 10:45am on Sunday morning. We offer children’s church for infants – 5th graders during the worship service, where they will go to learn about God’s word, play games, do crafts, and have a great time in classes appropriate to each child’s level of development.

Pathway for Returning Guests

Joining a church is a lot like a marriage in many respects. There is an initial attraction and desire to get to know one another better. This is followed by a time of seeing what life is like together as one considers whether there is good long-term compatibility. During this time relationships are built through shared experiences as life is beginning to be lived together. After determining that there is good compatibility and a union is desired, there is a time of engagement where intentions for and expectations of the union are voiced. A formal covenant is then made that memorializes the commitment of each party to one another. There is a ceremony for the consummation of this covenant before many witnesses, and a devoted union is made to be unbroken. This marks the beginning of a fruitful life together.

Church Membership is a vitally important decision, as this commitment to a local body of believers demonstrates a sincere desire to be meaningfully united with Christ and the lives of others. When you come to our church we hope you will be attracted to our commitment to the truth of God’s Word producing life within our body through worship, service, community and outreach. We hope you will find meaningful relationships through your participation in our various events, Sunday Bible Fellowship groups, small groups, and service opportunities. If you decide to consider further engagement with us, we offer a welcome class where our elders share all about our church family and get to know you and others who may be interested in membership. If you are interested in pursuing membership at that time, an Elder will meet with you personally to discuss the formal covenant of membership. Upon agreement between you and the Elders the formal covenant is made and you will be presented ceremoniously before the many witnesses of your new church family during a morning service. This would mark the beginning of a fruitful life together as we seek to bear great fruit for the Kingdom of God to the Glory of Christ.

Phone: (806) 797-4136
6602 Indiana Avenue
Lubbock, Texas 79413