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A Glimpse of Zion

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I recently had the privilege to join the youth on the Mystery Trip to Zion National Park in Utah.  Our topic for the week was love, and we worked through what love is in the various contexts in which love is expressed. Love in a Christian community is a commitment to seek the good of one another and to promote the good others seek on your behalf. Trips like this are important for communities of love because they promote a special union that only intense time in very close proximity can afford (e.g. 30 hours on the road!). This shared experience of both time and place increases the intensity and exclusivity of the relationship, promoting greater union, which in turn yields a greater transformation in the community.  There was nothing short of miraculous transformation as students grappled with hard things and realigned their lives to the purposes of God! While the location is always a great highlight of these trips, it pales in comparison to the mutual gratification of love in the community of faith.  As we are joined to one another, Christ is present in our midst and we catch glimpses of His glory, a taste of the eternal life yet to come.  Parents who dare to come connect to their children in ways they do not at home, as both the child and parent come to see and relate to one another in a higher way… as brothers and sisters in Christ.  The great diversity of these groups testify to the redemptive community of Christ, for there is no other common interest that would have brought a group like this together… only the longing for the true Zion!

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